Vision Mission Objectives


 Through a rigorous program of lectures, seminars, research, fieldwork, and internship, the four-semester, two-year Masters in Arts program strives to impart theoretical, methodological, and practical set of knowledge and skills that will equip the MIRD graduates to operate in a variety of roles including academic teaching and research, policy analysis, and as hands-on practitioners in government, national, and international organization.

As a pioneer program dedicated to the teaching and research in international relations and diplomacy, MIRD is expected to emerge as a think tank for foreign policy of the country and professional forum for academics and practitioners working in the field of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy with particular focus on South Asian affairs.

The graduates of this program will be able to identify and reconcile ever changing norms, roles and the types of practical diplomacy. The International Relations and Diplomacy program will enhance students’ skills to gather, update and to apply the newest scientific knowledge after the  completion of the program. Objectives of the program is to impart the following skills:

  • To be prepared to perform practical work in the field of international relations and diplomacy using achieved theoretical background
  • The ability to independently identify and analyse the main challenges in the practical sphere of international relations and diplomacy.
  • To be prepared to conduct theoretical analyses of significant problems in the field of international relations and diplomacy.
  • To obtain familiarity with the high culture of professional thinking.
  • The ability to learn independently, and apply this ability in practice and evaluate relevent international events.