Guest Lecture Series: 38th


Date:  1 July 2014/ 17 Asar 2071(Tuesday)

Time: 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Topic: British Foreign Policy to Nepal

Guest: Andrew James Sparkes CMG, British Ambassador to Nepal

Place: Seminar Hall, MIRD, Kathmandu

Introduction to Guest:

Andrew James Sparkes CMG has been British Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal since 26 April 2013

Andy studied English literature at Cambridge and joined the Foreign Office in 1983 after teaching in Japan.

Secondment to the European Union as Deputy Head of the EULEX Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo from October 2010 – present

Her Majesty’s Ambassador, Republic of Kosovo from April 2008 – October 2010

Her Majesty’s Ambassador, Democratic Republic of Congo from July 2004 – July 2007

Pretoria, Deputy High Commissioner and Consul General Johannesburg/Pretoria from December 2001 – February 2004

Jakarta, Deputy Head of Mission and Consul General from April 1999 – December 2001

DTI, Secondment as Head of new Services and Sectors Directorate (later became UK Trade and Investment) from July 1997 – November 1998

FCO, DS5 (now D6) Grade Manager then Assistant Director Personnel Management from July 1995 – July 1997

Bangkok, First Secretary Political from 1992 – 1995

FCO, Head of Section, Mozambique and Angola from 1991 – 1992

FCO, Desk Officer, Israel and Lebanon from 1990 – 1991

FCO, Head of Section, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei from 1988 – 1990

Ankara, Second Secretary Political from 1985 – 1988

FCO, Various Desk Officer Roles from 1983 – 1985